The perfect perk
for rockstar companies

The perfect perk for rockstar companies

CEO, Hiring Manager or Team Lead? Eden is the best way to reward your team's good work while staying on budget.


Your Team Needs Eden

With Eden, your team gets increased productivity, better retention, and reduced welfare workload. How?


Increased Efficiency

Less time and energy spent on chores = more time and energy invested in work and leisure.


Seamless Experience

We handle the bulk of your gifting needs, end-to-end. From creating the perfect plan, to delivering excellently.


Appreciate Value

And with a subscription to any of our plans, your team members can see that they're highly valued by your organization.

Team Perks

A happy team is a productive team



Chef-cooked meals, delivered to the team.




Fresh laundry, carefully executed in 48 hours or less.



Home Cleaning

Professional cleaning at your doorstep.


How it works

Fill the form on this page
You get an Eden plan for your team
We'll set up your team's accounts
Every team member gets personalized service
You monitor/evaluate team satisfaction.