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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eden?

This one is easy! We’re a small tech-powered team bringing the convenience of room service to homes all over Africa - but starting with Lagos! We believe that home tasks are well-defined routine activities that can be automated, which in turn buys you more time to do the things you love, like learn a new language, spend more time with people you love, go for a walk or invent time travel!

How does Eden Work?

When you sign up on Eden, you get an app that ‘learns’ about your Home Management needs, suggests a plan that fits your needs, then assigns a Gardener to help you manage your home. It takes your laundry needs, food needs, home cleaning requirements and equipment maintenance needs and turns them into tasks that our Gardeners attend to on schedule. You can monitor the progress and quality of these services through the app, but you never have to lift a finger.

Who are Gardeners?

Eden’s Gardeners are your Home Managers. They’re the human side of Eden: carefully-screened team members (we run full background checks on all Gardeners) who are trained to handle your home requests with ease and enthusiasm.
Our Gardeners fit a profile. They’re detail-oriented, responsive, responsible and friendly. They have one job (that spans a number of tasks), and that job is to understand what the perfect home means for you specifically, then work everyday to provide you with exactly that.
When you sign up on Eden, you see a profile of your Gardener, and you have the option to chat with them or meet with them to get an impression of them before they start servicing your apartment.

What can I use my Gardener for?

A ton of things. Think of your Gardener as your link to an ever-expanding world of Eden services you can take advantage of. Your Gardener helps you access services like house cleaning (light and deep cleaning), meals, laundry services, AC servicing and many other services that we’re constantly adding to improve your home.
If there’s ever a service you wish your Gardener provided (that they don’t, as yet), select the ‘Feedback’ option on the Gardener profile, and we’ll get the message!

When does my Gardener come to my apartment?

When you have been paired with your Gardener, you have the option to select the date of the first meet-up, where they will discuss your home needs with you and help you figure out your subscription plan. Afterwards your plan will kick off according to your schedule, and your Gardener may make scheduled visits to make sure your apartment is running as it should.

I’d like to talk to my Gardener. How do I do that?

There is a chat option in the Eden app that allows you to discuss with your gardener. You can use that to leave them messages, add further instructions or make a one-off modification to your schedule. If, however, you want to give feedback on your gardener or services, use the ‘feedback’ button, which gives us feedback and opens a customer support ticket.

Does my Gardener service me alone?

Your Gardener’s Schedule is designed to give the best attention to your chores, which gives them (based on our very trusty Eden math) enough time to attend to a few other customers in the same area as you. This means that our Gardeners attend to a handful of customers, but are never swamped with requests.

How do I download the Eden App?

To get the Eden app, visit and click ‘Get Started’. That will open up the app, which asks you a few questions about your home to prepare a package for you.

Is payment secure? I don’t trust online payments

Eden’s in-app payment system is secure - we never store your card information and you can delete your billing information whenever you decide!

What if I want a service that’s not yet on Eden?

We’re constantly working to preempt the next needs of our customers, and we constantly use feedback from people like you! If you’d like Eden to provide a service we currently don’t (maybe you want Eden to attend your kids’ PTA meetings, haha), use the ‘Feedback’ option on your Gardener’s profile, and we’ll log your request!

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