Your Eden questions, answered.

Who are we?

We are a service delivery company that brings the convenience of room service to homes across Africa, starting with Lagos.

What do we do
How does it work?
Why should I download the Mobile App?
Who are Gardeners?
How do I connect to my Gardener?
Can I choose more than one chore option?
How do I make payments for selected services?
How am I billed for services requested?
Would I be notified prior to any deduction or charge made on my account?
What is our policy on items damaged or missing during service delivery?
Is it safe to synchronise my financial cards to Eden Life for ease of payments?
Can I subscribe for your services on a weekly basis?
What services are offered
Differentiate Standard vs Deep Cleaning
How does the Food service work?
How does the laundry service work?
What locations do we cover?
How do I get started?
How do I make payment??
Is there a corporate package?

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