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Putting a price on the good life is tough, but we're going to try :)


Eden's services run on a managed recurring schedule. These services are combined to form your monthly subscription plan. Below is an explanation of each service Eden manages for you.


Your Eden Gardener restocks your home with cooked food.
For weekly plans, you get 4 items from our menu; 3 meals (each in 1-liter bowls) and 1L of fresh juice.
We also have daily meal plans that give you 2 meals every weekday.


Our laundry service is straightforward: your Eden Gardener picks up your laundry bag on schedule, tracks the items, and returns it washed and ironed within two days of pickup.

House Cleaning

A light but thorough scheduled cleaning of your home. Every part of your home will be swept, dusted and mopped - including bathrooms and kitchens.

Subscription Plans

The base plans on this page are for individuals living in a 2 bedroom apartment.
You can customize the room sizes or frequency of each service on the Garden app during sign up.

100% money-back guarantee after 2 months.
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ACHIEVER - N76,200/month
  1. Meals - Weekly
  2. Laundry - Every 2 weeks
  3. Home Cleaning - Weekly
PRODUCTIVE - N64,200/month
  1. Meals - Weekly
  2. Home Cleaning - Weekly
HARDWORKER - N63,700/month
  1. Meals - Weekly
  2. Laundry - Every 2 weeks
CLEAN FREAK - N39,000/month
  1. Laundry - Every 2 weeks
  2. Home Cleaning - Weekly
FASTIDIOUS - N27,000/month
  1. House cleaning - Weekly
SNAZZY - N23,000/month
  1. Laundry - Every 2 weeks
DAILY FOODIE - N86,000/month
  1. Meals - 5 days a week.
WEEKLY FOODIE - N51,700/month
  1. Meals - Weekly

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