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Main Meal

Coal pot Jollof rice , plantain and chicken

Rice ,spicy chicken and plantain


Add-Ons available

coal pot jollof and turkey

rice comes with spicy big turkey and plantain


Add-Ons available

Steamed Rice With Turkey

basmatic rice serve with spicy turkey and sauce


turkey peppersoups

big turkey with sides


steamed rice and croacker fish

basmatic rice with sauce and fish


Burger And Wrap

chicken burger

Toasted bun filled with,chicken patty,tomatoes car...


puzzle burger

Toasted bun filled with,beef/chicken patty,tomatoe...


puzzle chicken shawarma

stuffed with chicken cut and double sausage


Puzzle Honey BBQ Wings

honey sauced wings



Puzzle Spaghetti Bolognese

comes with cheese and beef sauce


puzzle pasta triva

stir fry spaghetti with chicken,plantain and sausa...


Add-Ons available

puzzle pasta super

stir fry pasta comes with plantain,sausage,and big...



oven grilled chicken and chips

chicken and chips


oven grilled turkey and chips

big turkey and chips