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Hotdogs Shawarma

Your creamy tasty bunch of sausages in a wrap of t...


Creamy Chicken Alone

Creamy Chicken Shawarma Alone. This is for those t...


Mixed Suya & Cheese Shawarma

Mixed Suya & Cheese Shawarma


Beef Shawarma with Cheese

Our creamy beef, Double Sausage Shawarma


Chicken Suya Shawarma

Our creamy finger licking chicken mixed with suya


Chicken, Beef Double Sausage Shawarma

Our creamy COMBO Shawarma


Chicken with Cheese

Our creamy King size chicken Shawarma with cheese


Beef Double Sausage

Our creamy Beef Double Sausage Shawarma


Chicken Double Sausage

Our creamy chicken double sausage Shawarma


Mixed Shawarma

Our creamy chicken mixed with beef Shawarma


Mozzarella Cheese

A slice of creamy mozzarella cheese