enrich lives, earn rewards.

promote our exceptional products and services to potential customers, enhancing the quality of their lives and your own prosperity.

what you will earn as an eden affiliate partner.

  • 10% discount

    off your first eden subscription.

  • 5% commision

    from event referrals that pay 1 million naira and above.

  • 10k gift card

    from event referrals that pay 100k naira and above.

how it works.

  • 1

    you generate leads based on our target audience and refer potential customers to our sales team.
  • 2

    you follow up with the potential customer and our sales team to ensure that the deal is closed.
  • 3

    you receive a commission from our finance team when the customer makes payment.

what do you need to join us?

a metal tray filled with lots of food on top of a wooden table next to a knife and fork

You must belong to a network of professionals e.g HR community on LinkedIn.

a pile of food sitting on top of a green table top next to a box of doughnuts

You must be influential at your place of work or professional social group.