tasty diabetes-friendly meals you can enjoy.

you deserve healthy, tailored and delicious meals for a more balanced blood sugar.

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what we offer.

  • access to registered dietitians that will help you achieve sustainable results.

  • personalized meal plans with accurate portions to support your health goals.

  • delicious, nutrient-packed and diabetes-friendly meals delivered to you.

  • blood Sugar control at your fingertips.

how it works.

  • 1

    sign up for our diabetes-friendly meal plans.
  • 2

    consult with our team of registered dietitians.
  • 3

    receive a meal plan tailored to your diabetes type and health goals.
  • 4

    experience better blood sugar control and improved overall health.


how do i get started with the diabetes-friendly meal plans?

Start by booking a consultation with a Registered Dietitian. Your assigned Dietitian will have a coordinated session with you and design a personalized meal plan for you. Your Eden meal selections will be added to your meal plan and delivered to you on the assigned delivery date.

are the meals suitable for different dietary preferences?

what sets us apart from other meal planning services?

how often do you deliver meals?

can i use eden's services in conjunction with my existing diabetes treatment plan prescribed by my healthcare provider?

is the consultation free?

contact information

If you already have a meal plan, click here , to chat with our dietitian