enjoy memorable and stress-free events with homemade

From training sessions to corporate seminars, birthdays, weddings, and conferences, trust our premium event services to cover every detail seamlessly.

what you enjoy.

tailored service.

Customized event planning and catering options to suit the unique requirements of your event, ensuring every detail is aligned with your want.

guaranteed hygiene.

Delicious meals curated and delivered with meticulous attention to hygiene, ensuring your health is our top priority.

effortless ordering.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface for placing orders online, saving time and hassle with a seamless ordering process.

wide menu variety.

Extensive menu options catering to diverse tastes and dietary needs, ensuring every attendee finds something delightful at your event.

transparent pricing.

Clear and competitive pricing structures, that will enable customers to plan effectively within their budgets without hidden fees or surprises.

exceptional service.

Dedicated customer service representatives ready to assist and ensure a smooth and pleasant experience from order placement to delivery.

timely delivery.

On-time and reliable delivery services.

Indulge in flavor with our food trays and gift boxes.

a pile of food sitting on top of a green table top next to a box of doughnuts

Gift Boxes

Explore specially curated boxes to gift yourself, loved ones, colleagues, or anyone who deserves good food as a gift!

a metal tray filled with lots of food on top of a wooden table next to a knife and fork

Food Trays

Transform every gathering into a celebration with our convenient meal trays. Whether you're hosting game nights, birthday gatherings, or simply stocking up on great-quality meals, this is for you!

unleash the flavor at your next event with our award-winning catering.

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how can i place an order for an event on the eden website?

To place an event order:

  • Input your contact details (name, delivery address, email, phone number).
  • Select the event type (Training, TGIF, Seminar, Conference, Birthday, or others).
  • Specify the types of guests expected (Students, Business leaders, Interns, etc.).
  • Choose the service type: Pre-Packed meals, Buffet style, Table service, TGIF boxes, etc.
  • Select the service date range and delivery/service time.
  • Indicate your budget and the number of guests.
  • Provide any discounts or additional notes, if applicable.

what is the notice period required for event orders?

how do i proceed after submitting my event order online?

can i apply a discount code while placing an event order?

what defines small, mid, and big events in terms of guest numbers?

how can i modify or cancel my event order after submission?