Enjoy perfect pasta
ready in 5 minutes

Enjoy perfect pasta
ready in
5 minutes

A food subscription on Eden Life gets you delicious meals prepared by our team of chefs.

No market runs. No prep-time. No delivery fees. Just heat and eat.


How it works

Choose your plan

Sign-up on the Eden Life app. Then choose the meals you want from our menu for the week, select how often you'd like your meals, and pay.

We get cookin'

Our team of expert chefs take it from here, preparing your culinary fantasies with the freshest ingredients.

We deliver!

Food is ready and on it's way to you. You can eat immediately or freeze for later. Oh...and no extra delivery charge!

The Food Plans:
Don't Stress.
Just Eat.

Enjoy all the deliciousness of healthy food, right on time, with none of the stress.

  • πŸ‘€
    No hidden payments.


  • πŸš›
    No hidden delivery fees.


  • πŸ‘Ό
    Pause anytime.

    On God!

  • Daily Delivery
  • Weekly delivery

Number of meals per delivery?

Should all your food delivered be once or twice in a week?

Should we deliver all once or twice weekly?

Price πŸ‘‰ NGN 0


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