Spend your energy on self love

Spend your energy on self love

Your self-care routine, just got simpler with Eden.

With access to dozens of professional spa-quality services, you never have to leave your home. Simple, personalized and affordable.


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Sign-up on the Eden Life app. Then choose the beauty service you want, select how often you'd like your treatments, and pay.

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We've Got You Covered: We'll match and connect you with the closest and most qualified professional. All you have to do is sit back, wait for your confirmation booking and let us know if you need anything else before your service. We guarantee you'll enjoy!

Where does the service take place?

All services are delivered directly to you in the comfort of your home or any other place you would like the service to be delivered e.g. your office, a friend's house etc. Simply drop the pin on your specific location when ordering the service.

How fast will my order be processed and/or how long should I expect to wait before I am matched with a Service Partner?
Why can I trust Eden and who will you be sending?
What locations do you service?
Can I pay after?
When should I expect to get my service?
How long will my service take?
What if I want to change or add on additional services?
What if I don't like the selection of materials the Service Partner (SP) brings?
I am not happy with the quality of the service? Will I get compensated?
I am no longer available for my service, what do I do?
How many people do I get if order more than one thing?
Can I tip my Service Partner?
I want a different service from what is listed, how do I order?

Beauty Services

Being better means feeling better. Treat your mind and body in just a few clicks!

Manicure - Pedicure

Professional nail services with our experienced nail technicians.

Change up your look with a selection of high-quality brands and colours. All tools, materials, and products included.
  • Wide selection of high quality varnish, gel polishes, acrylic powder, overlays and tips
  • All mani-pedi tools and equipment including wash basin and towels provided
  • Services performed by certified nail technicians
  • Delivered to you, in the comfort of your home
Additional Information
  • Preparing for your service: Safety and hygiene are our number onepriority. Please ensure you do not have serious cuts on your feet, legs or hands - if you do, please reschedule your appointment.
  • How to setup for your home service: Your Gardener will notify you when the Service Partner (SP) is on their way. Please prepare for their arrival by having; i) selected a private and good lighting (additional floor lamp bonus) and access to an electric plug; ii) carpets and rugs rolled away; iii) wearing light clothing that is easily rollable and sandals if getting a pedicure.
  • Changing your order: In the event that you want to change your service during your session, please notify your Gardener of the changes you want to be made. If the Service Partner is certified and has the necessary materials and tools to accommodate you they will proceed with the change in order. Please note that these changes will be reflected in your monthly billing cycle and invoice.
Terms & Conditions
  • Should you choose to use your own products, any liabilities shall be incurred at your own risk
  • Do not order the service if you have serious cuts on your feet, legs or hands - please reschedule for another time
  • Avoid trimming or cutting your nails or cuticles before the service
  • Picking your old nail application destroys your tips and could result in weakening or brittling your nail. Eden is not responsible for any damages caused to your nail bed before your service
  • Regular varnish last 3-5 days depending on your maintenance. Eden is not responsible for any chipping that isn't reported 24 hours after service
  • If you change your order or include add ons you will be reinvoiced by Eden
  • All payments MUST come through our platform. We don't accept cash
Waxing & Threading

The Beauty Plans:
Zero stress.

Being better means feeling better. Treat your mind and body in just a few clicks!

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  • Standard Beauty
  • Premium Beauty
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