Save your time

Dirty clothes should never be your headache. Outsource the things that aren't serving you.

We pick your dirty clothes up and deliver then back cleaned, folded or ironed for additional cost, all within 48 hours.


How it works

Choose your plan

Sign-up on the Eden Life app. Then choose the cleaning service you want, select how often you'd like your space and laundry cleaned, and pay.

We pickup

We'll pick up your laundry up on your selected day, take it to our laundromat, wash it, dry in then iron or fold it based on your preference. All this within 48 hours.

We deliver!

We assign an Eden Gardner to your account. They oversee and coordinate all laundry services to ensure spotless delivery each time. It's like having your own assistant at your fingertips!

You have questions?
We have answers.

We've Got You Covered: We'll match and connect you with the closest and most qualified service partners. All you have to do is sit back, wait for your confirmation booking and let us know if you need anything else before your service. We guarantee you'll enjoy!

Where does the service take place?

All services ordered through Eden are delivered directly to you in the comfort of your home or any other place you'd like the service to be delivered e.g. your office, a friend's house etc. Simply drop the pin on your specific location when ordering the service.

How fast will my order be processed and/or how long should I expect to wait before I am matched with a Service Partner?
Why can I trust Eden and who will you be sending?
What locations do you service?
Can I pay after?
When should I expect to get my service?
How long will my service take?
What if I want to change or add on additional services?
There are items missing / I received someone else's laundry?
I am not happy with the quality of the service? Will I get compensated?
I am no longer available for my laundry to be picked up or dropped off?
I want my laundry to be picked up or dropped off at a different location:

The Laundry Plans:
We handle the laundry.
You enjoy the leisure.

Don't fret about dirty clothes, we got you covered. Laundry at your door step. As simple as that.

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    No hidden payments.


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    No hidden delivery fees.


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    Pause anytime.

    On God!

  • Wash & Fold
  • Wash & Iron
What does the Wash and Fold Package include?

Laundry Bag (10 KG)


Price 👉 KES 0


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